Around the Web: 4 year old driving

Hello! How are you all this week?? Short around the web this week as I’m drowning under a sea of work so can’t dedicate enough time to faff about finding “things” online.

I saw this on SkyNews this afternoon and horrified…this video is of a 4 year old girl driving on the motorway in Shandong Province, China.

I love this post by @bangsandabun “My top 5 life changing moments” the post reminds me a little of this poster which is a constant inspiration here at Rachael Blogs HQ

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Earth Hour – More than just switching off the lights?

I’m ashamed to say I’ve never taken part in Earth hour before. I’ve heard about it of course and I see that people on various social networking sites wax lyrical about turning everything off for an hour to help save the planet but I’ve never done it.

I assume that’s true for most people. There is something quite nice about switching the tv off of an evening and doing other activities like going for a long walk or reading a book. But its those other things that take up electricity like computers, fridges, freezers, hair dryers, straigtheners etc that need attention also.

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Urban Wit…

Nothing I like more than a piece of “Street Art”. Unfortunately, where I live the level of graffiti chic usually includes a giant cock or some illiterate tagging (rach woz ‘ere innit).

However recently Newport has been subject to some “Banksy-esque” style graffiti…

The latest offering is inspired by the Ryder Cup and It’s circus rolling in to town. Now if you’re not from Newport (lucky you) the sentiment will probably mean nothing to you, but if you’re a resident I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.

Newport for life...

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Open a Little Happiness…

New Mini Packaging Option Allows Consumers to Open a Little Happiness and Better Manage What They Drink…

A regular can of coke contains approximately 7 teaspoons of sugar so coca cola have come up with the revolutionary new idea of making a small can…hate to be cynical but I wonder whether the change in size will also reflect a reduction in the price?

“A little happiness in a stylish new package is coming soon to your refrigerator. Coca-Cola today introduced a new 90-calorie sleek mini can to give consumers a better way to manage their calories.” – Press Release, Coca-Cola

It’s no secret that junk food and drink seem to be matching our waistbands in getting bigger but is coca cola going to be leading the way in our fight against obesity? Instead, wouldn’t it be better to just concentrate on the fact these things should be a treat rather than a regular occurrence.

Water anyone?