Around the Web: 4 year old driving

Hello! How are you all this week?? Short around the web this week as I’m drowning under a sea of work so can’t dedicate enough time to faff about finding “things” online.

I saw this on SkyNews this afternoon and horrified…this video is of a 4 year old girl driving on the motorway in Shandong Province, China.

I love this post by @bangsandabun “My top 5 life changing moments” the post reminds me a little of this poster which is a constant inspiration here at Rachael Blogs HQ

“don’t be a dick….the golden rules of news website comment threads” by Martin Belam. I don’t know if you ever read some of the comments below news articles but the majority boarder on the ridiculous.

I love this image from Hereislincolshire…


Visit the site for more great pictures.

The lovely @elephantrmcards on twitter posted a link to the free e-cards she’s produced.

Sarah Wilson did a fab post on when you’re stuck creativity wise

and finally just what the internet was made for – A CAT VIDEO!!!

This has been going viral this week – a cat stuffs his friend in a box