Welcome to my piece of cyberspace. I’m Rachael, a freelance writer based in South Wales with a love of jaffa cakes, tea, the arts and good photography. I am currently being owned and managed by a small west highland terrier called Georgie – who I am pretty sure will feature here regularly.

Georgie @ Barry 12/04

My mind works like a glossy magazine, this blog is a mixture of things I love, reviews, thoughts and a pinch of real life. It’s a real evolutionary process and is prone to changing all the time but at least it keeps things interesting…right?


I’ve got an Olympus e-410 with 28mm, 50mm, 14-42mm and 18-55mm lenses. This is my main camera although, I do use my iPhone.

Self Portrait

I’m a bit of an apple junkie and have a variety of things in my blogging arsenal. Although I mainly work in my little home office on my iMac, I do use my MacBook and iPad when I feel like escaping the shackles of my desk.

Things I love

Oh there are a million things although some favorites: theatre, photography, good design, Chablis, champagne, pizza, the pooch, the beach, travel, exploring, magazines…etc